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About Us


Knight Credit (UK) Ltd is a private limited company registered with the Companies house on 23rd February 2016. Established with the aim to provide financial services to Businesses, Enterprises and Individuals within UK, Knight Credit is the wholly owned subsidiary of Knight Capital Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian licensed non-banking financial institution. Established in 1997, Knight Capital Sdn Bhd is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia and has 4 other branch offices in the cities of Penang, Kuching, Miri and Kota Kinabalu. Knight Capital provides financial services such as bridging loans, share financing, factoring, revolving credit and working capital facilities to Malaysians who prefer faster loan drawdowns, customized facilities with flexible terms and rates.

Knight Credit’s mission will be to emulate the business standards set by its parent company and provide affordable capital to individuals and businesses while operating an efficient, profitable business.

Our Vision

To emerge as one of the most reputed and referred financial services brand.

Our Mission

• Client Focus
We will strive to create the best financial package to suit our customers’ immediate and long term financial needs. To us, each customer’s financial requirement is unique with its own challenges and solutions. By applying “creative financing” and “out of the box” financing methods, we will make it our responsibility to work just as hard to help our customers achieve their business goals

• Integrity in Management Practices & Customer Service
We will continuously work on building good working relationship with a customer before and after a loan is disbursed as to us, this is critical to providing a great customer experience and growing a loyal customer.

Corporate Philosophy

• Be committed to providing quality service to our customers
• Be open and sincere in behavior and attitude
• Contribute to the community as part of our CSR

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We understand that business owners require financial resources that are innovative and tailored to their specific needs. To us, each project is unique with its own challenges and solutions. We thrive on “creative financing” and “out of the box” lending arrangements because we understand such play pivotal role for today’s businesses.


We know that our clients work hard to make their businesses succeed. Accordingly, we make it our responsibility to work just as hard to help them achieve their business goals.

We have an experienced and resourceful management team expertly steering our clients around obstacles to achieve their targets.


Our loans are tailored to suit your organisations’ unique needs and goals and we allow you to choose from fixed or variable interest rates (or a combination of both) with repayments featuring either interest only or principal plus interest.

Our Products

What we do

Working Capital Financing

Our working capital solutions are designed to complement our customers’ existing lines of credit providing them the cash-flow to fuel their business growth thus keeping their ventures current and competitive.

Term Loans

We give our customers access to mid or long-term business financing with flexible terms and competitive interest rates. Our fixed monthly repayments help our clients manage their budget, cover long-term expenditures while preserving their own funds.

Our fast approvals allow for quicker availability of funds.

Bridging Loan

Our bridging loans are designed to help facilitate or complement our customers’ cash flow requirements. Our interest only repayments on funds as utilised along with flexible repayment schedules tailored according to our client’s projected cash flow, enables our clients to grab business opportunities as they come without having to worry about additional cash flow requirements. This facility is best suited to funding for projects or commercial ventures.

Revolving Credit

We provide flexible withdrawals of funds as and when required for business within pre-agreed monetary limits. We give our clients the option to reduce interest expense by borrowing what they need, repay without penalty and re-draw amounts up to their credit limits without having to re-apply.

Short Term Personal Loan

Our payday loans allow qualified customers to borrow up to £3,000 that is to be repaid on their next pay date. The money is disbursed via cheques in one lump sum and the borrower is obligated to repay the loan amount as well as the interest due when their salary next goes into their account.

Debt Consolidation Loan

If you’re looking for a financing option with flexible guidelines that will allow you to better manage your debt problems, lower your monthly payments and streamline your expenses, our debt consolidation financing schemes may just be the right product for you.

Some True Facts

Why Knight Credit

  • We have a proven 20-year track record in successfully managing a similar business
  • We have a strict policy for non-disclosure. Our customers’ details are never revealed to unauthorized third party in order to safeguard our customers’ identities
  • Our loan terms and conditions are stated in each offer letter for our customers’ better understanding and future references
  • We offer low competitive rates and may be your cheaper option
  • Our less stringent lending criteria allow customers with low credit ratings access to otherwise inaccessible funds. We believe everyone has her/his highs and lows and not everyone with low credit ratings is in it due to poor personal financial management or planning
  • We are flexible in tailoring our loans terms and conditions to meet our customers’ respectively unique financial needs and requirements
  • We will offer personalized customer service, always in person. If a customer does not qualify for a loan, we will provide free financial advice to urge customer to manage better their finances
  • Loans are usually funded from next business day up to within one week
  • Customers have the option to pay minimum monthly dues on higher repayment amounts
  • Customers have the option to re-draw additional amounts as required (as long as the account is in good standing with available credit)
  • Loan amount and monthly repayment amounts are determined strictly on customers’ real financial capacities
  • No hidden fees.
  • Daily interest as low as 0.18% for short term personal loan.
  • Late payment fee of only £15.
  • Processing fees between 2% – 3%
  • Loan terms: 1 month to 3 years

Our address

Where you can find us

United Kingdom

23, Langmead Drive,
Bushey Heath,
Herts, WD23 4GD
United Kingdom

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0208 9503133

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Monday – Friday 9:00 – 18:00

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